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Greetings all,

I just completed seven successful and gratifying years at Ovum analyzing the wholesale telecommunications market. This experience enabled me to observe, analyze and advise wholesale service providers as they navigated the market disruptions caused by from the initial explosions of handheld devices, over-the-top content competitors and customers, cloud services and platforms, and the Internet of Things.

This site will host my thoughts and analysis about the continuing changes taking place in the telecoms/Internet industry. I plan to deliver ideas that will catalyze creative thinking throughout the business and encourage readers to discuss their ideas with me and other readers.

I hope you’ll look forward to my first postings as much as I’m looking forward to writing them.

Additionally, I’d be happy to help write, review, and refine white papers, marketing literature, and executive blog posts that you must publish.



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Exceptional analyst, writer, and editor with a history of successfully informing and advising multinational communications service providers about how go-to-market by exploiting new channels, technologies and services to expand their total addressable market. Experience-based foundation enables identifying, defining, designing, and carrying out research initiatives that require conducting comprehensive analyses that explore new lines of business as well as ways to extend the reach of existing ones. Can clearly communicate research results via multiple medias and can also tailor draft marketing materials to suit specific target markets. Most recently completed a seven-year tenure at Ovum focusing on the rapidly changing wholesale communications market and the influence that emerging technologies and services (e.g. cloud, Internet of Things) will have on it and other contiguous markets. Proven team collaborator and coordinator focused on achieving shared objectives.

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